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The US government has said that they have a concern on payday loan companies that are preying on low-income housing areas . to be honest, payday advance lenders (people who lend you their money) are taking a hit just as much as anyone else is in the world. When someone refuses to pay then the lender is forced to take a drastic step that is fortunate for them legally. One of many courses of action to retrieving their money back is to garnish the borrower’s wages. That’s never good especially if one is placed in a situation that can’t afford to lose any more money. Lenders patiently wait for their money to be collected back to them so that someone else can have an opportunity of borrowing money.

The way payday loans work is this. You are granted a payday advance loan for a period of time for some of the money. your deadline is usually a week or so away depending on the particular payday loans lender’s policies. the most commonly used timeline is in between 8 to 15 days. If you can’t pay the money back in time, then the lender must be notified and an extension will be granted. Extensions are timelines added to your due date. Essentially giving you a new due date for your payment. This means that for every new due date that is assigned you pay a new fee. This particular fee is called an extension fee. For every extension fee that you apply for this fee gets tacked onto your bill which in turn causes you to pay more than you originally wanted to pay for the payday advance loan expenses. Of course, these fees are normally associated with the Teletrack service you have heard about.

Some payday advance service lenders also have a small fee for the cash advance applications. Most people are not aware of this because some people don’t take the time to look at the page carefully enough to see that it clearly states there will be an application fee charged to there account for the payday loans they apply for. Some people fill out dozens of applications in one sitting, not reading the applications and charging their own accounts. By the time they’re finished they owe about two hundred dollars on top of some of the money they borrowed from other lenders further putting themselves in debt

Don’t be alarmed by these things that happen to some. There are 3 easy ways to keep from having to deal with things of that nature.

  • Pay the loan in advance so that you won’t be charged any extra fees
  • Get extensions only if its unavoidable and there is no other way you can pay it back.
  • Read the page in full and make sure you understand everything that’s on the page.